The New York Institute for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology

The New York Institute for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology also offers a training program in psychoanalytic psychotherapy. This program is limited to those professionals licensed in a profession whose scope of practice includes psychotherapy and who wish to increase their psychoanalytic skills through continuing education, but are not licensed as psychoanalysts.

The psychoanalytic psychotherapy program is designed for those candidates who desire training in psychoanalytic self psychology but who do not wish to undertake the program in psychoanalysis. This program is also designed so that a candidate may choose to continue in the psychoanalysis program at any time during his or her training. Completed courses, hours of personal analysis (if at a minimum of three times weekly), and supervision accumulated during the psychoanalytic psychotherapy program can be credited toward the program in psychoanalysis. The curriculum for the psychoanalytic psychotherapy program is the same as the curriculum for the first three years of the psychoanalysis program. Students are expected to take a minimum of two courses per semester.

Students are also expected to be engaged in a personal psychoanalytic self-psychological psychotherapy at a minimum frequency of twice weekly with a psychoanalyst approved by the Institute. Treatment must begin within 6 months of the candidate's entrance into the program. Although there is no fixed time frame in which psychotherapy can be considered complete, candidates are requested to be in treatment at a twice weekly basis for a minimum of 250 hours. Acceptability of a current or previous psychotherapy will be determined by the Training Committee.

Candidates are expected to be actively engaged in weekly individual supervision of their clinical work with two different Institute-approved supervisors for a minimum of 50 hours with each supervisor during the course of the three-year program. It is expected that weekly supervision begin by the second semester of the first year. Two patients will be seen in treatment for a minimum frequency of twice weekly. It is expected that each patient will be supervised by a different supervisor and that the second supervision begin with a different supervisor after at least 50 hours of the first supervision have been completed.

Satisfactory completion of the program will include a written examination covering course material. In addition, candidates will be asked to demonstrate an integration of theoretical and clinical issues in an oral presentation of a case before a committee of psychoanalysts.

A certificate of completion of the requirements for training in the practice of psychoanalytic psychotherapy will be given to students who successfully complete the analytic psychotherapy program.