The New York Institute for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology

The New York Institute for Psychoanalytic Self Psychology training program was developed with the premise that self psychology offers a comprehensive framework for understanding and treating all levels of personality organization. It is within this context that the Institute provides an educational program of classes, clinical supervision, and personal analysis.

Training is divided into two tracks:

a four-year track

in psychoanalysis that is subdivided into two programs serving two separate groups -
  1. the Psychoanalysis Program for Licensed Mental Health Professionals (LMH), and
  2. the New York State Licensure-Qualifying Psychoanalysis Program (LQP) for all others, including licensed mental health professionals who wish to sit for the New York State Licensed Psychoanalyst Exam; and

a three-year track

in psychoanalytic psychotherapy that is opened only to licensed mental health professionals, including out-of-state mental health professionals who are licensed in their own state and practice there, but who are not licensed in New York State.

There are three additional programs:

  1. a one-year program for licensed mental health professionals
  2. a program for those interested in research in self psychology but who will not be seeing patients
  3. a program for graduates of other analytic training programs who are licensed in some mental health profession.